AJ Headshot.jpeg

Anthony Johnson

Founder, Bluebird

Anthony is committed to designing policies and systems that put people first, combining best practices in public policy, business, digital and creative. 

Anthony started his career as a fellow at Innocence Project, working to identify and exonerate incarcerated people who are innocent of the crimes they were convicted of. Thereafter, Anthony served as the editor of Human Rights Quarterly — the world’s leading international human rights publication, published by Johns Hopkins University, with support from the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

In 2016, Anthony joined the global strategy and marketing division of Siemens – one of the world’s leading technology companies. A techie by trade, Anthony remains deeply committed to public service. He serves as an advisor to elected officials, government agencies, and NGOs. He also serves as Co-Director of New Leaders Council SW Ohio — one of 50+ NLC chapters nationwide working to train the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Anthony holds degrees in International Affairs, Political Science, and Security Studies from University of Cincinnati and The London School of Economics. Born and raised in Europe, he’s speaks German, English and Arabic, and loves to travel.